Will My Rates Go Up?

Auto Accidents,Uncategorized | Jun 28, 2019 by Robert Horst
driving accident

One of the most frequent questions I get when I meet with clients, and even from friends, is will my rates go up if I make a claim?  Here’s my…

I Damaged My Car But No One Was At-Fault. Should I Make a Claim?

Personal Injury,Uncategorized | Jun 14, 2019 by Robert Horst
damaged car

In general the question to this question is…..Possibly. Lawyerly answer right? Let me explain. Let’s say to back into a mailbox, hit your garage pulling in, or something along those…

Catastrophic Injury Definition

Uncategorized | May 31, 2019 by Robert Horst
catastrophic injury

Catastrophic Injury Definition Despite the pain you may feel after an accident has occurred, a catastrophic injury is categorized higher than other injuries. The reason is based on your ability…

Drowsy Driving

Uncategorized | May 23, 2019 by Robert Horst
drowsy driving

Drowsy Driving Driving drowsy doesn’t always result in falling asleep at the wheel, although that is a common danger. It can also mean simply feeling tired enough that your driving…

The Impact Rule

Personal Injury | May 13, 2019 by Robert Horst
personal injury

Understanding the Impact Rule in Personal Injury Cases The impact rule is an important element of personal injury law in Florida, with adherence to this principle a requirement if a…

Florida Dog Bite Laws

Personal Injury | May 03, 2019 by Robert Horst
Florida dog bite attorney

If a dog in Florida has bitten you, it is important to understand your rights. Some bites can be particularly vicious, requiring medical attention and possibly physical therapy before full…

Uber Accidents: Who is Liable?

Auto Accidents,Personal Injury,Uncategorized | Jan 25, 2019 by Robert Horst
uber accidents

Many people enjoy using ride share services because it is a cheap and convenient means of travel. However, accidents do happen. If you are riding in an Uber and an…

Involved in an Accident While on Vacation in Florida? How We Can Help You!

Auto Accidents,Personal Injury,Uncategorized | Jan 18, 2019 by Robert Horst
florida vacation

Orlando is a vacation destination for people across the globe. You’ve earned and planned your vacation, and you certainly didn’t expect to suffer a broken leg in a car accident.…

Why Lane Change Car Accidents are so Common

Auto Accidents,Personal Injury,Uncategorized | Jan 10, 2019 by Robert Horst
lane change car accident

Why Lane Change Car Accidents are so Common According to the latest statistics, reckless driving causes 33 percent of all car accidents, of which unsafe lane changes comprise a large…

Eating and Driving: Driver Safety

Auto Accidents,Personal Injury,Uncategorized | Jan 09, 2019 by Robert Horst
eating and driving

Eating and Driving: Driver Safety According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, eating while driving makes you 80 percent more likely to be involved in an accident. Additionally, 65…