Understanding the Impact Rule in Personal Injury Cases

personal injuryThe impact rule is an important element of personal injury law in Florida, with adherence to this principle a requirement if a case is to be successful. Its proper application is only one reason why the taking of civil action requires proper legal representation. This type of assistance is available from the Horst Law Firm.

Understanding the Impact Rule

Tort law pertains to civil wrongdoings in a number of areas, from traffic crashes and acts of medical malpractice to defective products and workplace mishaps. The victims in such cases may seek financial compensation from the guilty parties, but they must also follow certain legal requirements. In accordance with the impact rule, there must have been physical contact with the defendant in order for the plaintiff to collect noneconomic damages. These damages are designed to compensate for the pain and suffering related to a personal injury and differ from economic damages, which include medical expenses.

Exceptions to the Rule

Exceptions to the impact rule include family members who, though not directly involved, suffered from the effects of an accident or an injury. The ruled has also been waived in cases of asbestos exposure that had long-term physical effects on victims and in cases involving psychological treatment. The application of the impact rule is best determined by a personal injury law firm Florida.

Seeking Monetary Damages

The awarding of damages in any one personal injury case should not be taken for granted. However, accident lawyers in Orlando will strive for the best possible outcome in the cases they handle. This is why victims and their families should consider turning to the services available from the Horst Law Firm.