An Overview Of Florida’s No-Fault Insurance Laws

Auto Accidents | Jan 27, 2017 by Robert Horst
orlando no fault accident lawyer

Video Transcript: Florida’s No-Fault Law requires that every auto insurance policy issued in the state of Florida carries PIP or Personal Injury Protection coverage, we also call that PIP. Essentially,…

New Study Suggests That Florida Has The Second Best Drivers In The Nation

Personal Injury | Dec 22, 2016 by Robert Horst
miami second best drivers

If you drive very much in the state of Florida, you’ll be somewhat surprised – in fact, you’ll be quite shocked – to learn that drivers in Florida are among…

Concerns Mount About Rising Abuse Of The Elderly

Elder Abuse | Nov 16, 2016 by Robert Horst
elder abuse

Yes, it’s disturbing. Abuse of the elderly happens all too frequently in Florida. It needs to stop. Many of our society’s most valuable people – and most vulnerable people –…

Why Is Interstate 4 So Dangerous?

Personal Injury | Oct 22, 2016 by Robert Horst
interstate 4

For literally millions of drivers in the state of Florida, Interstate 4 is the most dangerous road they travel. How did such an important highway – sometimes called the backbone…

Why Are There So Many Personal Watercraft Accidents?

Personal Injury | Sep 22, 2016 by Robert Horst
Watercraft Accidents

Florida’s many lakes, streams, and waterways – along with our Atlantic and Gulf coasts – offer some of the finest recreational opportunities on the planet. While recreation on the water…

When A Car Accident Case Goes to Trial in Orlando

Personal Injury | Sep 11, 2016 by Robert Horst
Car Accident

Orlando is one of the many states in America in which victims of car accidents can seek compensation either from the parties responsible for causing the accident, in the form…

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Suit In The State Of Florida?

Wrongful Death | Sep 01, 2016 by Robert Horst
Robert Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

There are very specific laws in the state of Florida about filing a wrongful death suit. These laws dictate who can and cannot file suit. The wrongful death Statute in…

How To Prove Fault in A Car Accident

Personal Injury | Aug 25, 2016 by Robert Horst
Cervical Collar Emergency

In Florida, like most states, the laws regarding negligence and personal injury can be extremely complicated, but they start with a simple basic premise – the person who is responsible…

Infographic – 7 Tips For Preventing Burn Injuries

Uncategorized | Aug 15, 2016 by Robert Horst
Burn Injuries

Nothing is more physically and financially damaging than burns, according to our product liability lawyers. Electrical, chemical, and thermal burns are often preventable. A little precaution can save your property and maybe even…


Uncategorized | Jun 30, 2016 by Robert Horst
crash accident

Since the beginning of 2016, there have been nearly 8,000 traffic related accidents in Orange County. This infographic shows in chilling detail the devastation that these accidents cause. From property damage…