Florida civil courts use the “pure” comparative negligence standard when awarding damages. What is pure comparative negligence?

Here’s an example: You are speeding, but just slightly, at five or six miles per hour over the posted limit, when a driver stoned on pot slams into you while driving thirty-five miles per hour over the speed limit. What happens?

If your total damages from the accident come to $100,000, you might be awarded the entire amount by a Florida jury, but if the jurors in a civil trial determine that you have ten percent of the responsibility for the crash – you were speeding a little, remember – your compensation will be reduced by ten percent to $90,000.

Most personal injury cases in our state are settled out-of-court, so if you file a lawsuit, be represented a Florida personal injury attorney who is a skilled negotiator as well as a talented trial lawyer.

And again, every case is different, so there is no way to predict how long it may take to resolve an injury claim, but an experienced personal injury lawyers in Orlando will work ceaselessly and aggressively to bring the matter to a swift and just resolution on your behalf.