Here’s something that might surprise you: in 1997, there were 1.6 million cosmetic procedures completed on Americans. By 2016, that number rose to nearly 14 million. That speaks volumes to what Americans value. While it’s no secret we’re taking better care of ourselves by remaining aware of our diets and ensuring our workouts are serving a purpose, many are surprised to learn we’re also willing to go under the knife to meet our objectives. Surgeons say when cosmetic procedures are done as a part of an overall improvement campaign, it can be a healthy transition. It’s when one comes to rely on cosmetic procedures as their only source of self-improvement.

But what about Floridians? In the state where the sunshine and youth rules, are there more opportunities for cosmetic procedures or are we just born beautiful?

Orlando, Florida is home to some of the nation’s most renowned cosmetic surgeons. One reason people come from around the country is that of the ethics and honesty of surgeons right here in Orlando.

Dr. Brian P. Joseph is one of Orlando’s biggest “in demand” surgeons. It stands to reason after speaking to any of his patients that he would be. He discusses all the options available to a patient, why he would or wouldn’t recommend one procedure over another, and he even discusses procedures that don’t require surgery. His patients appreciate the honesty and say they can make better decisions when they aren’t worried about a doctor’s ulterior motives.

He maintains a blog that provides insight to the procedures he provides and can even help answer questions that a patient may not know how to ask. It’s just one more service he provides, along with the ever-popular weekend facelift. Dr. Joseph is often featured in national magazines and frequently volunteers to speak at various community gatherings. He has consistently been named the best cosmetic surgeon in both Orlando and the state of Florida.

Another highly rated Orlando, FL cosmetic surgeon is Dr. Armondo Soto. His patients commend him on his honesty and willingness to provide his opinion “if it were his wife” or ‘if it were his daughter.” Many of his patients come to him for breast augmentations due to his commitment to continuing education and new procedures that are less invasive.

He is an award-winning surgeon and has been named as one of just 100 physicians in the country to receive the Real Self 100 award. This prestigious award is given to those medical professionals who are committed to guiding his patients as they make informed decisions based on all the facts. Dr. Soto and his Orlando team of highly-trained medical professionals have worked hard for the reviews and referrals by their patients. This, they explain, has nothing to do with ego, but with knowing a job well done has made them reputable, honest, and ethical.

While there are many cosmetic surgeons in Orlando, the two we have showcased above offer their customers the services and guidance that go above and beyond what others may provide. Deciding to undergo elective surgery is never an easy one, but with the right medical guidance, patients can move forward with confidence.